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'We have been fornicating' singer Simi says amid court ruling registry marriages are invalid

Following the invalidation of the marriages carried out at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry, by a Federal High court sitting in Lagos, Nigerian singer, Simi, who years back, got married to her husband, Adekunle Gold at said registry has questioned him on where their marriage stands following the development.

It was earlier reported that there’s been a legal dispute between the Federal government of Nigeria and Local government areas who to have the power to grant marriage certificate — and in light of this, a High court gave a verdict in favour of the LGAs, leaving all marriages certified by the FG as invalid and illegal.

In reaction to the update, the mother of one took to her Twitter page to ask her husband if the development means that their three-year-old marriage is void and they’ve been “fornicating” since then.

“Ngbor, Adekunle Gold we have been fornicating?” Simi asked.

In response, her husband wrote, “My own na make them do refund.”

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