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Uproar as Singer Davido allegedly fined N190m in UK hours after his O2 concert

Emamuzo Ugeh

Rave of the moment and Nigerian singer David Adeleke popularly called Davido, has allegedly been fined a sum of one hundred and ninety million Naira a few hours after his concert at the O2 Arena.

A Twitter user identified as Marvin Abbey in a post shared on the microblogging platforms opined that Davido was supposed to finish his concert at the O2 Arena at 11 pm.

According to the Twitter user, the O2 Arena have a strict 11 pm curfew, and for every minute a person goes past 11 pm, they are obligated to pay a fine of ten thousand pounds.

Marvin Abbey alleged that Davido said he didn’t care about the rules and finished his concert at 11:34 pm and was fined three hundred and forty thousand pounds, equivalent to one hundred and ninety million Naira.

The post reads: Davido was supposed to finish his concert at the O2 at 11 pm. The O2 have a strict 11 pm curfew. For every minute you go past 11 pm you have to pay £10,000. Davido said he didn’t care. He finished the concert at 23:34. That’s £340.000 fine. Mental!

As expected some Nigerians reacted

Tonyogaga blog recalls Shan George slammed those who went the extra mile to prove that Davido’s 02 concert didn’t sell out.

Unarguably Davido’s concert at the O2 Arena witnessed a mammoth crowd of fans, friends and colleagues who had come to have fun and support the Nigerian singer.

The massive crowd confirmed that Davido sold out the concert, but some concerned fans have proved otherwise with evidence.

Some photos and videos of empty seats at the O2 Arena are making the rounds online, with some people claiming that Davido was lying about selling the show.

Reacting to this, Shan George fumed over the photos and video, stating that bitter people are everywhere.

Some social media users also defended Davido, saying that some people may have bought the ticket but didn’t attend the show..

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