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Toyin Abraham has slammed the Lagos State government over the horrific manner Bamise was killed

Emamuzo Ugeh

The 22-year-old fashion designer was allegedly killed inside a BRT bus belonging to the Lagos State government.

In a post shared via her Instagram page on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, the movie slammed the government for its inability to install CCTV in its bus fleets.

is sad enough that Nigeria is not safe but to think that a place or thing considered as property like BRT is now considered a dangerous place should all get all of us concerned. But I have a few questions for Lagos State Government, why are the BRT buses not fitted with CCTV cameras?" she wrote.

What measure have you put in place since this incident that made you assure Lagosians that the BRT buses are now safe? Are we truly safe or your speech is just government rhetoric, telling us what we want to hear?"

She advised Lagosians to be extra careful and observant while sending her condolence to the family of the deceased.

"Lagosians, please be careful, we cannot move about like everything is okay. Things are not okay if we are not safe inside government buses."

And to the family of Ayanwole Oluwabamise I sympathize with you. Some of us will reach out to see how you can go through this phase with some measure of ease-no easy way in grieve. May God truly console you. This is such a sad incident!"

Bamise was reported to have gone missing on Saturday, February 26, 2022, after boarding a BRT bus from Chevron Bus Stop, Lekki, to Oshodi around 7 pm.

When she felt uncomfortable in the vehicle due to the conduct of the driver, Bamise reportedly sent distress messages to her friends.

She was said to have sent the vehicle details to them in case anything happened to her and also asked them to pray for her.

Sadly she was found dead on days after her disappearance.

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