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Teruke International Raises the Alarm Over Fake News

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Jim Omaraye CEO Teruke Foods

Teruke International, the manufacturers of Teruke Foods, has raised the alarm over what its management has described as attempts by unscrupulous characters to damage the reputation of the foods product giant through the fabrication of fake news.

The company's CEO, Dr. Jim Omaraye said, "Our attention has been drawn to some online publications claiming that our products are produced, licensed, and imported from China.

This is massive misinformation and an attempt to embarrass the management of Teruke International and smear our reputation as a fast-growing force in the Nigerian economy's food sector, a reputation we have garnered through many years of hard work, dedication and contribution to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy."

According to him, consequent upon the publications which have been making the rounds on social media in the past couple of days, the management of Teruke International Co. Ltd wishes to state unequivocally that these reports are fake news and should be disregarded. They are mere figments of the imaginations of some lazy fellows who continue to wallow in ignorance, not believing that the technology deployed by Teruke International Co. Ltd for food processing could emerge from the shores of Nigeria.

He continued: "I have received many calls from our loyal customers who have raised concerns over the unfounded reports. Some bloggers, out of carelessness, laziness, and unprofessionalism, have decided to write lies and publish the same as authentic news about the source of our products without due diligence.

“Our foods are hygienically produced, tested, and packaged according to global industry standards. Our cans and pouches are certified to meet the FDA's standard, and the contents are healthy for consumption. This same fake news was circulated about two years and our attorneys duly addressed the issue, and some of the bloggers publicly recanted their posts and apologized. We want to use this opportunity to reassure all our customers that these reports are fake news, and they should be ignored in their entirety as they are a cheap attempt at blackmail. We are in discussion with our legal team and are in the process of prosecuting those that continue to spread these malicious stories.

We also want to use this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support and standing by the Teruke brand over the years, ” Omaraye concluded.

Founded in 2017, Teruke International is one of Nigeria's fastest-growing canned foods manufacturers. It currently employs many Nigerians and its range of products include ready-to-eat foods like egusi soup, stew, vegetable soup, pepper soup, moimoi and many more packaged in pouches and cans depending on consumers' preferences. Its manufacturing facility is located at Kara-Nla, by Pakuro Bus-stop, Lagos – Ibadan Express Way, Ogun state. Its administrative office is at 45 Yaya Abatan Road, Ogba, Lagos, and a warehouse at Ogba, Lagos.

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