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Singer Seun Kuti accuses wealthy men of killing people for money

Emamuzo Ugeh

Nigerian musician, Seun kuti has opined that 99 percent of wealthy people make their money from sacrificing lives.

Taking to the microblogging site, Twitter on Monday morning, Seun Kuti stated that “all your big men and women are ritualists”.

He added that “Nigeria itself is a money ritual”.

Here is what the recording artiste had to say;

“99 percent of the wealth in the country is earned by sacrificing the lives and destinies of millions of Nigerians, that is the real money ritual!! You think say na ordinary eye dey make Dangote trailer no get brake?

Then smash children to death?

“Abi na ordinary eye building dey take collapse crush children to death for school? All the lives Wey bad roads dey take?

All the avoidable deaths in our hospital?

Listen NIGERIA ITSELF IS A MONEY RITUAL! and all your big men and women are RITUALISTS abi na ordinary eye Hair dresser dey take turn Oil Mogul? Abeg make una shift

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