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Shocking video: Yahoo Boys say money ritual only means to succeed

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Emamuzo Ugeh

If you must succeed, money rituals is the surest way of getting there. That is exactly what a video currently making the rounds on social media is saying. Posted by @ayobami2adedeji, it features a group of four yahoo boys probably in their 20s bragging about money rituals being the only means to succeed!

That is not all. In the short video, the boys take their time to advise on how to go about making money rituals that yield results. Their advise - if you want to make money rituals, use your girlfriend or an outsider to achieve best results. Avoid using your sister, brothers and parents. The specifically admoish - there is no point using your blood.

In their words: "No be all blood we dey use for rituals, if you are use your blood for rituals na your blood enter. We know dey use our relations but our girl friend and outsiders.

In Nigeria, ritual killings for money have grown very popular. No week passes by without numerous tales of corpses discovered with their vital organs and hearts cut-off!

According to Remi Okafor, a journalist who has written extensively about the practice: "It is also called yahoo plus, a practice were yahoo boys combine Internet fraud with ritual killings.

"In parts of Lagos and other Nigerian big cities, yahoo boys live flamboyant lives and are so admired that people regularly ask of ways to join them in order to be rich. It is not new to see Nigerian women openly declaring on social media that they would only date Yahoo boys.

"This is a sad development as our young people have lost focus. Parents don't ask questions when their children suddenly begin displaying stupendous wealth and now, these youngsters are the new role models as we watch our vessels being twisted as vice has become virtue. The worship of mammon has become the norm. How did we get here?

Watch video:

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