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Rita Dominic: Secrets of my 23 years acting career

Emamuzo Ugeh

STERLING Nollywood star, Rita Dominic has cited discipline as one of the ways to sustain a thriving acting career in the Nigerian film industry.

“It takes a lot of discipline to be able to sustain a career,” she said frankly.

Dominic said this during a recent Instagram live while speaking about her career, filmmaking, and what has sustained her career spanning over 23 years.

The adorable actress said, “You know because we make the work look so easy because you just watch it in the comfort of your living room, there are so many elements to filmmaking, it is such a tedious, tasking and mentally challenging job you know and it really takes discipline to get into character, from character to flesh out a character from start to finish and stay in that space till you are done, it is discipline.”

Continuing, the ‘La Femme Anjola’ star reiterated the essence of being disciplined as a thespian saying, “At the end of the day yes you acquired the skill but I guess I was born with the talent then studying theatre arts as well sort of helped me you know, what sustained that skill is discipline because you have a call time of 7 am, it takes discipline to know that you have to go to bed very early wake up like 5.30 am get to the set by 7 am and be ready for wardrobe, makeup or whatever to get on set.”

The AMAA recipient cited an example of how being disciplined helped her get into an important character that further shaped her career.

“It takes discipline to stay in a space like for instance when we shot the movie 76, we shot it in Ibadan for 6 months, the first two months we used for rehearsals and the four months afterward we used to film, now in that period because it was such an emotional story, I had to remain in that emotional space, I wasn’t socializing, I wasn’t attending any social event and all that because I needed to be in that space. The good thing was that the producers and directors recognized what had to be done to achieve this film so they put us in a space that helped us at Mokola barracks so I had to sort of coexist with the army wives, talk to them, share their experiences because that helped me get into character so for me, I think that discipline will help you understand that you have to keep growing your skill you just don’t rest on your laurels,” she submitted.

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