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Reggae act, Tony Nectar storms Nigeria with Love Each Other album

A new wave is blowing across the Nigerian music scape and his name is Tony Nectar who just released his new album entitled Love Each Other.

According to a statement from his management: “Nobody can stop reggae! The music never stops! Tony Nectar has joined the global reggae community and has promised to give Africa a voice as his album hits the global market.

“Tony Nectar has a strong desire to achieve a position of importance in the world of reggae. Many of his songs are politically, religiously, and socially motivated. Tony Nectar is spiritual, political, and positive just like Robert Nesta Marley himself.

“An educationist and a soulful singer, he was born 15th January 1968 in the Bum-Ahafo region of Ghana. He is a native of Idoma, Benue State.”

Commenting on his music, Tony Nectar said: “I try to promote unity between Islam and Christianity. I draw my inspiration from my own diverse knowledge of the Bible, the Quran, and Torah.

“My music is for both young and old, black and white. I preach love and I detest political and religious violence hence I am calling on all Nigerians especially the youths to avoid being instruments o destabilisation and anarchy as we prepare or the 2023 General Elections.

Songs in the album include Be Satisfied, Change The Situation, See Us Through, Slow and Steady, Save our Souls, Love Each Other, My Kind of Music, Long Time, ire, Black Race Redemption, True Love and Wake Up Compatriots among others.

Tony Nectar's music is available for streaming and download on digital distribution stores worldwide including all the leading music shop/outlets nationwide.

Tony Nectar is signed on to Essco Music Corporation International, a division of Essco Productions Ltd.

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