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PSG to offer Mbappe higher salary than Messi

Considered as the financial superpower of football, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is known for doing anything to keep their players at the Parc des Princes.

This seems to be the case with World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe, as the club is even willing to upset the sport's biggest name to keep him in Paris.

PSG striker, Kylian Mbappe's contract with Mauricio Pochettino's side expires at the end of their current campaign. But the French outfit is firm about the intention not to let him leave, even if it comes with a potential heavy cost of unsettling Lionel Messi, Spanish outlet Marca reported.

As per the publication, PSG's management is set to offer Mbappe a higher salary than Messi, which would make him the de-facto No. 1 player in the squad.

It could potentially upset the Argentine, as Messi was Barcelona's top-earner throughout his career at Camp Nou and he's not used to playing second fiddle to anyone, let alone a footballer who is 11 years his junior.

Since last summer, Real Madrid have been in hot pursuit of the former AS Monaco star and as per German newspaper Bild, have already offered him a deal that would make him the second highest paid footballer in the world, ahead of Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Right now Messi takes home a staggering $47 million in annual wages from the club, while Mbappe earns $20.5 million per year.

It would be a monumental change from PSG and shows their resoluteness, rather their desperation to hold on to the prodigious France international for a few more years.

After all, he's the club's leading scorer with 20 goals in 30 appearances in all competitions in 2021-22 and has played a key role in PSG occupying the top position in the Ligue 1 table.

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