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PSG sporting director confident Mbappe’ll sign new contract

PSG sporting director Leonardo says they're growing confident Kylian Mbappe will sign a new contract.

With his deal running down, Mbappe was expected to join Real Madrid this summer. However, it's now emergig he could be willing to stay one more season with PSG to continue playing with Lionel Messi.

Leonardo told L'Equipe: "More and more. It's a matter of feeling. The French player, when he starts, has the goal of playing abroad. It is no coincidence that in the 1998 world champion team there is a majority of players who play abroad.

"In 2018, Kylian was the only one of the eleven who played in Ligue 1. Pogba and Griezmann never played in Ligue 1, Zidane made his career more abroad than in France. But at that time there was no club the size of PSG.

"We are not sellers, that changes the spirit. Now, I think Kylian has thought things through. The feeling we had on Saturday in the stadium was magnificent. Something is being created, not just for him. I'm not here to be cheesy, but other clubs don't have ultras like that. It can be a big problem.

"...we have a chance. As long as there is no signing, we will try everything, we will do everything to retain him. I don't think I will judge by the result against Real Madrid.

We have a new generation coming, we have young people from the training camp, we want to make other investments. What Qatar has done in the last ten years has placed PSG among the greats. Today, the club is a reality. It is loved, admired and respected."

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