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Nollywood responsible for correcting social vices, says Bigvai Jokotoye

Emamuzo Ugeh

US-BASED Nigerian actor, Bigvai Jokotoye has condemned the narrative by the Nigerian House of rep members that Nollywood movies could be the reason for incessant ritual killings in the country.

The famed actor and movie producer countered the claim stating that the film industry is even responsible for condemning the wrongs in society.

Bigval noted that no movie passes by the National Film and Video Censors Board without thorough scrutiny.

“How can they say Nollywood is the cause of money rituals? I laughed when I first saw it. It’s like saying Nollywood is the cause of corruption in Nigeria, it’s like saying Nollywood is the cause of a lack of good educational system, lack of good roads, lack of good healthcare system, and insecurity in Nigeria. The government is just trying to shift the blame on Nollywood,” said Jokotoye.

He continues: “If you look at it very well, the industry is actually doing better by preaching against ritual because every Nollywood movie I have seen or acted in, once you do ritual, there is a repercussion. The censors’ board should come out and speak for Nollywood producers because they are the ones censoring these movies.

Speaking further, Bigval discussed that the Censors Board always made sure that there is a repercussion for any evil act done in movies so the viewers can learn to do the right thing.

“I remember back in the days if your movie does not have repercussions for the ritualist, the censor board will send you back and say no, this person must not go scot-free, you must make sure the police arrest him. So how is Nollywood encouraging ritual when they are the ones preaching that if you do money ritual you will run mad or die? To me, it doesn’t make sense; the government should do the right thing. They know why people are doing money rituals – poverty is everywhere in Nigeria.”

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