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Justin Dean sheds light on how estranged wife Korra Obidi frustrated him

Emamuzo Ugeh

Justin, Korra Obidi's husband, issues public apology, says wife isn't a 'chronic cheat', but...Justin Dean, the estranged husband of Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi could not hide his disgust at the mother of his two children after she refused to desist from sharing dance videos on her social media platform amid their marital crisis.

The American chiropractor took to his Instagram platform on Thursday, March 16 to reveal that Korra Obidi’s insensitivity is the primary reason he is filing for a divorce.

Speaking via the photo-sharing app, Dr. Dean stated that his estranged partner ought to go on hiatus on social media and seek methodologies to preserve her marriage.

The medical practitioner did not stop there, he went on to explain that Obidi who welcomed her second child earlier in the month of March is more concerned with ‘likes and views’ on social media than preserving their union.

Dean stated that he was ‘heartbroken’ and he is ready to forfeit the marriage for his peace of mind.

Prior to expressing his displeasure on Instagram, Korra Obidi was seen dancing to DJ YK’s ‘Mule’ on Thursday morning.

Taking to Instagram, Justin Dean wrote:

“I’m heartbroken!

“Anyone that knows me or watches me online knows that I’m a dedicated family man to both Korra and my children. This is honestly the hardest decision of my life, but necessary.

“I’m walking away from this marriage for my mental health and to be the best version of myself. I must set a healthy example for my children.

This has nothing to do with postpartum depression.

I’ve been betrayed once again and she is unbothered, which pretty much summarizes our marriage.

“My apology to all the young men and women that believed we had a “perfect marriage”.

“Marriage is based on mutual love, respect, humility, accountability, empathy, apologies and most of all effective communication to understand the other person’s perspectives.

“Likes and views shouldn’t be the highlight of your relationship.

“Men: Your mental health matters!

“In order to be strong, you have to be happy

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