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How can someone be productive in this Lagos, even Nigeria? – Mercy Aigbe

Emamuzo Ugeh

Nigerian actress Mercy Aigbe has expressed anger saying it’s impossible to be productive due to the intense gridlock in Lagos State.

The Nollywood actress took to the social media platform, Instagram on Tuesday morning to air her disappointment. She mentioned that she had been caught up in the gridlock for several hours.

Expressing her anger on social media, the mother of two wrote, “How exactly is one supposed to be productive when you spend almost all day in Lagos gridlock!”

She did not stop there, she went on to lament about the absence of power supply in the country. The actress also spoke about fuel scarcity and bad roads in Nigeria.

She continued, “Nigeria is frustrating jare! No fuel, No Power, No good road, the list is long!!!!! I mean nothing! Nothing!!”

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