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Hope for breast cancer victims as Nigerian woman invents breast cancer detecting smart bra + Video

Emamuzo Ugeh

There is fresh hope on the horizon for women living with breast cancer as a Nigerian lady, Bolarinwa Kemisola, a Robotics and System Engineer has invented a safe and easy-to-use smart bra that can detect breast cancer in its early stages.

The smart bra is said to be without any side effects as it is a nanotechnology product with micro sensors that don't cause harm to body tissues.

In a chat with BBC Africa she said: "With the bra, women don't need to visit the hospital to do a mammogram but can in the space of 3- 5 minutes run the check in the comfort of their homes."

Explaining why she invenyed the bra, the talented lady in a video shared online said the challenge of loosing her auntie to breast cancer in 2017 informed her decision to embark on the project.

"Last year, I was able to do a test-run on a prototype of the smart bra which was was a success. The tech is different from other technology to tackle breast cancer. The bra is water resistant.

Also,World Health Report on breast cancer shows 600,000 women died of cancer in 202," she added.

She explained that it is not an undergarment that replaces the normal bra or is worn throughout the day. Rather, it is just to examine the breast and should be worn for just three or five minutes.

Source : BBC News Pidgin

Watch video:

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