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Golf Queen Spiranac reveals worst date she’s ever been

PAIGE SPIRANAC has shared the tale of her disastrous dating life before meeting husband Steven Tinoco.

The ex-golfer, 28, hosted a Q&A with her 3.2million Instagram followers and one asked Spiranac to describe her worst ever date.

And that opened up a can of worms, with Spiranac going to explain how she found dating difficult in college - partly because of her golf skills.

Spiranac said on Instagram: "This guy that I thought was my boyfriend at the time, he introduced me as his friend, and then he took me to Taco Bell, and didn’t even buy me anything.

"Probably the worst date I have ever been on."

Spiranac has previously revealed her dating dos and don'ts - and it seems she has had her fair share of bad dating experiences.

The social media influencer also explained that she often used golf to find common ground with guys she was interested in - but even that sometimes backfired and Spiranac instead ended up handing out free lessons.

Spiranac added: “So in college, I had a hard time getting dates, so I used golf as an in and be like, ‘Give you free golf balls, give you lessons'.

“But there was one guy who had a girlfriend, he led me on because his game was getting so much better from all these free lessons and he wanted to keep doing them so yes, he used me for free golf lessons."

"There was also another guy who I really, really liked and he did not like me. I gave him my SDSU (San Diego State University) golf bag and so, he has my SDSU golf bag with my name on it. I never got it back and he was never my boyfriend."

Spiranac has also previously described pro golfers as the worst type of athlete to date.

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