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Fury launches own brand of energy drinks

WORLD heavyweight champion boxer, Tyson Fury, has launched a new range of energy drinks and says he will be “taking out” the major competition in the industry.

Tyson, who lives in Morecambe, has launched Furocity Energy with four different energy drink flavours to be released on 16 February.

Posting to his social media accounts , Tyson has called out leading energy drink brands, Red Bull and Monster, with ambitious plans to “take over the market”.

Posting to Instagram and Twitter, he said: “I’ve got a massive announcement to make… really excited about today, launch of my new drink @furocityenergy.”

In the next clip, Furocity’s range of drinks are stacked next to his rivals, Monster and Red Bull.

He said: “We have the Red Bull gives you wings and the meanest energy drink on the planet (Monster Energy).

“I don’t know about wings but we are packing punches here at Furocity”

Swiping the Monster and Red Bull off the table, Tyson said: “See you guys later - and welcome to the big boys [Furocity] .

“I’m taking you all out – you’re all going down. I’ve never met a ‘big time Charlie’ that I couldn’t beat

“I’ve never been defeated in my life and here we go – this is taking over the market you heard it here first”

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