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First arrivals, Ethiopia records four Covid-19 cases

Four members of the Ethiopian delegation to the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations have tested positive to coronavirus.

According to Cameroon publication, Sportsglitz, the result of the test came out on Tuesday, the second day of the Ethiopians in Cameroon.

They were the first arrivals and were followed by Sudan who planned a friendly match with the Ethiopians on Thursday.

It is not clear if the friendly match will still go ahead.

Sportsglitz reported further that the four that tested positive were immediately quarantined, with the medical team further monitoring other members of the Ethiopian delegation.

In order not to breach confidentiality, the identities of the four persons have not been made public for the time being.

Ethiopia was the first team to arrive in Cameroon for the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 finals, set to kick off on 9 January 2022.

The delegation touched down at the Nsimalen International Airport of Yaounde on Sunday 26 December.

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