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Eubank Jr’s fight with Liam Williams postponed to January 29

CHRIS EUBANK JR will now fight Liam Williams on January 29, following the Welshman's shoulder injury.

The pair were set to meet in a hugely anticipated middleweight clash on December 11 in Cardiff.

But it has now been confirmed, after Williams picked up the injury in training, that the fight will be rescheduled.

Promoter Kalle Sauerland said: "We were obviously disappointed to hear of Liam Williams’ injury but thankfully we will only have to wait a few more weeks to witness this blockbuster clash.

"Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams is the biggest fight in British boxing right now.

"There is genuine bad blood between them, and their rivalry is only going to intensify as we get closer to fight night.

"This is the match up everyone has been waiting to see.

"The atmosphere in Cardiff is going to be incredible when these two warriors finally meet in the centre of the ring to settle their differences.”

The rivals came face-to-face for the first time at a press conference in London, where the verbal onslaughts continued.

Then, just days later, rumours and reports began circling about Williams pulling out.

Neither him or Eubank Jr and Williams are yet to comment on the rescheduling.

But Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom added: "We were absolutely gutted to hear of Liam’s injury and so we are equally delighted to get this fight back on in a matter of weeks, to ensure Liam’s 100 per cent fitness.

"The bitterness and mind-games towards each other has only intensified during this period, and by the time they get into the ring it will be at boiling point.

"I’m glad the fans will get the chance to see the fight that they desperately wanted."

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