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Club World Cup final: Jorginho out for revenge against Palmeiras

Chelsea star, Jorginho, has revealed he was rejected by Palmeiras as a kid.

The creative midfielder is now out for revenge in today’s Club World Cup final against the Brazilians.

Jorginho, who reportedly never played professionally in Brazil, was quoted as saying: “Let me tell you something not a lot of people know.

“The connection I have with Palmeiras is that I trialled for the team when I was 12 and did not make the team. That is the only memory I have of Palmeiras. That is what football is like.

“We are here 18 years later to compete at a club World Cup final against Palmerias and it is crazy and also why football is so beautiful.

“Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was better this way.

“I have been trying to talk to our Chelsea colleagues and try to show how important it is, how important this tournament is for Brazilian football.

“The coach showed us a video of Palmeiras leaving the country to give our players a sense of how important it is in Brazil.”

However, Jorginho hopes Chelsea manager,Thomas Tuchel will arrive in time for the final today in Abu Dhabi.

“The German plans to come out of isolation - after testing positive for Covid 19 a week ago - and fly to the UAE for the game.

“The Blues midfielder added: “It is unfortunate Thomas was not here for the semi-final but he hopes he will join us for the game.

“When your manager is here, he gives you more energy in the changing room.

“We want to win this trophy, an important trophy. We are not thinking about the Premier League right now, ” he stated.

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