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Billionaire Pikin: Davido Hails His Son Ifeanyi in Trending Video

Emamuzo Ugeh

Top Nigerian singer, Davido, was recently seen seriously hailing his only son, Ifeanyi, and calling him a billionaire In the trending video, the little boy was seen playing when Davido suddenly started to shout and call him a billionaire’s son Ifeanyi who did not seem to understand what all the noise was for, looked on in confusion before running back inside Your support matters. Sustain independent journalism in Nigeria – contribute to Popular Nigerian singer, Davido, has started to let his only son, Ifeanyi, know that he is the son of a billionaire. This was made obvious in series of videos that was posted on social media on the singer’s Instagram stories.

The music star was heard saying

In the clips, Ifeanyi was seen stepping outside the main house when Davido pointed his camera at him and started to gush over his beauty.

See my pretty son, beautiful son, see my fine boy.” Davido’s comments soon caught Ifeanyi’s attention and the little boy walked to where his father was sitting with some of his guys. The singer and other onlookers then started to hail Ifeanyi and call him the son of a billionaire. Ifeanyi was called a ‘billionaire pikin’ and a ‘billion dollar baby’. Not stopping there, Davido proceeded to calling Ifeanyi himself a billionaire. Davido said:

"Billionaire" your papa get money.

The little boy looked very confused at all the attention and noise he was getting that he ran back inside the house.

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