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Alisson: I almost joined Inter Milan

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker admits he almost joined Inter Milan as a teenager.

Alisson kept a clean sheet for last night's Champions League win at Inter.

After the round 16 first-leg victory, he said: "Inter created various situations, but we were good at neutralizing every shot or cross they took. Then we took advantage of the opportunities we had.

"It was certainly a difficult match and the draw would have been fairer. Inter played a great game, the scoring we produced was cleaner and we put it in, which is the thing.

"In any case we have to be careful about the return to Anfield, Inter are a team full of strong players, they will come to Liverpool to fight.

"Am I close to Inter? Yes, that's right, I was also talking to my agent about it tonight. I was 17, but it eventually faded. In any case, I am delighted with the path I have made, always come on Rome!"

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