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Aity Dennis heaps encomiums on hubby at birthday

The Presiding Pastor of SureWord Assembly, Dr. Dennis Inyang has added another year today, January 11, 2021.

In a post on his social media page, the pastor who cofounded SureWord Assembly with his wife, Aity Dennis said: “My Birthday! I have many things to say but the best of them is "THANK YOU, JESUS!" God is good to me! Friends, help me to thank Him for His kindness towards me.”

His post elicited thousands of reactions from his friends and family who showered him with prayers and God’s blessings.

However, the most remarkable message came from his wife of many years, Aity Dennis who wrote: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY FRIEND- FOR -LIFE AND NUMBER ONE FAN. Ebe Uyen, it's your day and as the world rises to celebrate the great achiever that you are, I give praise to the Lord who has given me the pleasure, the honour and privilege of doing life with you. You are not just my friend- for -life and number one fan, you are my best friend.

“Always watching out for me and standing in the gap to ensure it is well with me. In your ever busy schedule you have my time and have taken care to guard my space for me. I cherish that, Ufan. People often commend my youthfulness; it is because your love and care have kept the glow. Thank you for not killing my smile. You have made me better and given me wings to soar. Ever loving and caring Dad to our miracles, thank you for not just preaching but living what you preach. In these days when some people 'kabash' and somersault on the pulpit but represent the devil in their home, you have demonstrated that Christlikeness is both to be proclaimed and demonstrated in our daily living. I celebrate you, Ebe uyen ami. Adamantly focused, excellence- driven, proactive, go getter and caring under-shepherd of the Lord's flock, just observing your total and selfless devotion to the call, inspires me to serve God with all I've got. I love you ,Sir. Thank you for just being you. If I ever had to choose again, you know na?

“God who has brought you this far has got your back 2-4-7. His sweet surprises are pursuing you to overtake you in all your endeavours, in Jesus’ name. Enjoy your day and enjoy life joor. Happiiiiiii birthday to uuuuu. Friends, please help me celebrate and prophesy God's blessings on this fine gentleman who has kept your sister, Aity glowing!”

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