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Adedimeji to play Tinubu in biopic 'Last Man Standing'

Emamuzo Ugeh

Nollywood actor, Lateef Adedimeji has been confirmed as the lead star in Seun Oloketuyi's forthcoming biopic 'The Last Man Standing'.

According to Tonyogaga blog,the actor will star

Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the biopic already in production.

Confirming the role, the 'Ayinla' actor shared: “Yes, this would be one of the defining points because this is a tough one. At the end of it all, the man himself is going to have a few things to say about my interpretation and pass judgment. That is one thing that has been ringing in my head.

Speaking of the film, producer Oloketuyi cleared the air on the biopic being a propaganda to support Tinubu's presidential bid come 2023.

“When we did ‘The White Lion’, a lot of people said it was propaganda for Yahaya Bello, and I asked them to wait until they saw the movie. It is a movie that seeks to entertain. In entertainment, a lot of history is embedded. I made up my mind last year that we were going to make some historical movies.

Apart from this, we are also doing one for the late Adedibu, Lateef Jakande and Prof. Peller, all of these will be released within the next 12 months.”

Prior to 'The Last Man Standing', Adedimeji has starred in three biopics including Tunde Kelani's 'Ayinla' and Biodun Stephen's 'Ige'

“I really don’t know why I am always called upon to play these roles. This is going to be my fourth biopic. I did Ayinla, I did Ige, I did Strangers, and now this. I believe it is the versatility and being able to key into other people and bring the character to life."

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