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Actress Yetunde Bakare lashes parents taking expensive gifts from their jobless kids

Emamuzo Ugeh

Nigerian actress, Yetunde Bakare has admonished her male followers on social media to avoid being pressured by the hectic demands of their partners.

The actress published this opinion on the social media platform, Instagram amidst the surge of young people’s indulgence in ritual killing and internet fraud.

Speaking via her social media page, she had this to say:

As a young guy, if your girlfriend is always demanding things you cannot afford, chase her away.”

She went further to address parents who have no issue with receiving expensive gifts from their unemployed children. The actress reprimanded parents who fail to question the source of their children’s income.

Bakare continued;

“As a child, if your parents are giving you responsibilities knowing fully well that you’re not working, ask them how and where they expect you to get the money. Don’t let anybody pressure you.”

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