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A widow for 20 years and still keeping it down’ Actress Regina Chukwu

Emamuzo Ugeh

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has taken to social media to share adorable photos as she celebrates her birthday today, 23rd March 2022.

Photos shared on her Instagram page captured Regina Chukwu flaunting her curves in lovely jump suites and traditional outfits.

Regina Chukwu expressed appreciation to God for the new age, stating that she is still breathing even if she doesn’t have enough.

The single mother of two urged her fans and colleagues to praise God on her behalf and hug her wherever they see her because she deserved it.

According to Regina Chukwu, she has been a widow for 20 years and still keeping it down.

She wrote: I am noting even capping guys. It’s abt to be a movie . GINA issa a whole vibe. It’s my birthday in a bit and I am most grateful

See even if we no get, bro we still dey breath, praise the lord on my behalf and when you see me anywhere pls give me a hug cos I deserve it ( a widow for 20yrs and still keeping it down ) Gina na man you be.

Aries queen, Oliver’s daughter, mother of 2 grown ups, a babe and more. Just celebrate God in my life guys.

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